10. Acids, Bases and Indicators

CH109: Identify the ions that make something acidic

CH110: Identify the pH of acids and alkalis

CH111: Identify the colour changes in different indicators

CH112: Describe the terms 'dilute' and 'concentrated'

CH113: Explain the difference between a weak and a strong acid

CH114: Describe what a base is

CH115: Explain the difference between an alkali and a base

CH116: Write word equations for reactions between metals and acids

CH117: Write word equations for reactions between metal hydroxides and acids

CH118: Write word equations for reactions between metal carbonates and acids

CH119: Describe the test for hydrogen

CH120: Describe the test for carbon dioxide

CH121: Describe what is seen during neutralisation reactions

CH122: Explain, in terms of ions, what is happening during neutralisation

CH123: Link the number of H+ ions to the concentration of an acid

CH124: Calculate the change in pH and concentration

CH84: Calculate concentration in gdm-3